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Do I need a seat belt anchorage test?

You or your company may be asking yourself this question. Whether you’re manufacturing 1 Rock & Roll bed / seat for your personal use or a campervan conversion, 20 seats or hundreds of seats for various applications and uses; if they are intended for travelling purposes you should complete a seat belt anchorage test.

The seat belt anchorage test evaluates the safety of the anchorage point of your seat belt to ensure maximum passenger safety of the seat.

Firstly let’s discuss what is defined as the ‘anchorage point’. Regulation 14 defines belt anchorages as ‘the part of the vehicle structure or the seat structure or any other part of the vehicle to which the safety-belt assemblies are to be secured.

The seat belt anchorage (SBA) test is also known throughout various industries as a pull test as essentially it is designed to represent a vehicle impact & examines the effect of this defined high force pulling on your anchorage points to guarantee the correct function and safety of your seat belt system.

R14 seat belt anchorage pull test in vehicle at VOSC test facility

At VOSC we have the specialist expertise and equipment to ensure your seat belt anchorage test runs smoothly; alongside the capabilities to complete the test in-vehicle or fixed to the static structure of the test rig - performed to ECE Regulation 14 standards.

Contact our engineers today to discuss your seat belt anchorage static pull test requirements;

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