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H Point Measurement

UN ECE Regulation 14 & 

Directive 76/115/EEC amendment 2005/41/EC

Procedure for determining the H point and the actual torso angle for seating position in motor vehicles

The H point measurement / hip point measurement of a seat is a necessary requirement for the seat belt anchorage test to be completed.  


As an important aspect of the seat design for the seat performance and geometric structure the hip point measurement is completed  in accordance to UN ECE Regulation 14 and

Directive 76/115/EEC amendment 2005/41/EC standards. 

The H point measurement is required for any future testing you require to Regulation 16 standards. 

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H Point Measurement Test.png

Other Test Services Available

-  ECE Reg 14 &

Directive 76/115/EEC

-  ECE Reg 80 &

Directive 74/408/EEC

-  ECE Reg 107, PAS 2012 & Directive 70/156/EEC 

- PAS 2012-1:2015

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