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Seat Strength Test

UN ECE Regulation 80.03 & 

European Directive 74/408/EEC 

Uniform provisions concerning the approval of seats of large passenger vehicles and of these vehicles with regard to the strength of the seats and their anchorages. 

Testing of the seat strength is completed for M2 & M3 testing. 

The static seat strength test available is completed to

UN ECE Regulation 80.03 &

Directive 76/115/EEC amendment 2005/41/EC standards. 

Enquire & book your seat strength, R80 test today. 

R80 Automotive Seat Strength Test

Other Test Services Available

-  ECE Reg 14 &

Directive 76/115/EEC

-  ECE Reg 107, PAS 2012 & Directive 70/156/EEC 

- PAS 2012-1:2015

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