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ISOFIX Anchorage &

Top Tether Anchorage Test

UN ECE Regulation 14 & UN ECE Regulation 145

Test the strength of the anchorages for ISOFIX and ISOFIX top tether points ready for installation of ISOFIX child restraint systems.

Completed either in vehicle or fixed to a steel plate structure

with the capability for static forces to be applied in both

forward facing and oblique directions,

the ISOFIX child restraint anchorage & top tether anchorage test

are completed in compliance to vehicle regulations

UN ECE R14 or UN ECE R145.

to discuss your requirements further 
book your ISOFIX / top tether anchorage test 

Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to ISOFIX anchorage systems and ISOFIX top tether anchorages. 

Water Ripple

ISOFIX provides easy installation of compatible child car seats with the anchorage fixing points located at the base of seats. This offers alternative installation of child car seats and removes the need for using the vehicle’s seat belt to safety secure the child safety seat to the vehicle seat.

The anchorage points for the ISOFIX attachments are required to be tested to Regulation 14 standards in order to ensure safety of the connection between the baby/child car seat and the vehicle’s seat

– in the equivalent manner in which seat belt anchorage points are tested to ensure the strength of the seat belt’s anchorage points.

What is ISOFIX & why is testing required?

Seat Belt Anchorage


-  ECE Reg 14 &

 Directive 76/115/EEC


Seat Strength

-  ECE Reg 80 &

 Directive 74/408/EEC

Wheelchair Tie-down Occupant Restraints


-  ECE Reg 107, PAS 2012 

& Directive 70/156/EEC


Wheelchair Lift / Ramp

PAS 2012-1:2015

Vehicle Type Approval Consultancy

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