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Wheelchair Tie-down & Occupant Restraints Test


UN ECE Regulation 107, 

Directive 70/156/EEC amendment 2007/46/EC & Directive 2001/85/EC

Wheelchair tie down and occupant restraints systems (WTORS) are required to be tested to ensure the strength of the anchorage points and effectiveness of the safety systems. 

At VOSC we are able to carry out in-vehicle wtors testing services to

UN ECE Regulation 107 and Directive 70/156/EEC amendment 2001/46/EC

& Directive 2001/85/EC.


We can also complete the restraints & systems testing to

UK Statutory Instrument 2009 N0717 & PAS 2012-1:2015.

Contact us today to discuss your wheelchair tie-down occupant restraint testing requirements & book your test date

Wheelchair Tie down & Occupant Restraint Test

Other Test Services Available

- PAS 2012-1:2015

-  ECE Reg 14 &

Directive 76/115/EEC

-  ECE Reg 80 &

Directive 74/408/EEC

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