Providing a range of automotive static pull test services; VOSC has already extended its initial pull testing services to offer further vehicle safety tests including vehicle lift and ramp testing alongside further consultancy services for type approval/ homologation work.
With 10 hydraulic test rams and an extendable rig bed, the facility has the capability of performing tests either on a rigid structure or in-vehicle, giving you more control and scope for your testing needs. 
We welcome all customers with testing requirements so whether you have a rock and roll bed for testing or a series of vehicle seating and restraint anchorages to be tested, we can easily accommodate all the testing scenarios.  
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Our Test Services

Regulation 14 / Regulation 145

ISOFIX Anchorage & ISOFIX Top Tether Test

Regulation 107 / PAS2012

Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Test


Wheelchair Ramp/Lift Test 

Regulation 14

Seat Belt Anchorage Test

including ISOFIX anchorage systems

Regulation 80

Seat Strength Test

Consultancy Services

Homologation Services

for full type approval work

VOSC Legislation & Approvals Bulletin 

Test Gallery

Seat Belt Anchorage Test
Row of 5 seats being pull tested.
Wheelchair Restraint Test
Wheelchair restraints being pull tested for strength.
VOSC Test Rig Rams
VOSC's test rig has 10 hydraulic, fully calibrated rams to test variations of pulls.
Seat Strength Test
Seat strength test being carried out as part of Regulation 80 standards
Pull Test Set Up
Vehicle shell being set up and fixed to the test rig bed ready for in-vehicle pull testing.
Vehicle shell arriving at VOSC
Vehicle shell arriving at the VOSC facility ahead of the day's testing.
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Future Testing  Services

Door Latches & Hinges Testing

to UN ECE Regulation 11 & European Directive 70/387/EEC.

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