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5 benefits for choosing VOSC for all automotive pull testing & type approval needs

As an independent automotive test facility we pride ourselves on delivering quality, efficient testing and consultancy services to all of our clients. From initial enquiry and flexible scheduling of test services, through to test date facilities and comprehensive report specialism; VOSC is dedicated to ensure all your requirements are completed to the highest standards & efficiencies.

Here we details 5 key benefits of choosing VOSC for your automotive vehicle legislation tests and services.


Facility capabilities & equipment

Our VCA accredited facility has the capabilities to pull test a range of vehicle components to ensure your products/vehicles are compliant to EU regulations. A fully calibrated test rig incorporating 10 hydraulic rams able to carry out various loads at varying angles and an extendable test bed able to house a large vehicle for any required in-vehicle testing; we are dedicated to ensure your test services are as quick, efficient and of the highest quality standard and practices.

Location & Flexibility

Due to our dedication to efficient test procedures, we are able to be more flexible with our test schedule. Based in the West Midlands, the test house has excellent transport links making the task of getting your products/vehicle and yourself, if you wish to witness the test, easier no matter where in the UK you are located.

Membership Scheme

VOSC offers an annual membership scheme providing a whole host of benefits for your company. A significant benefit of the membership scheme is the test booking discounts you receive throughout your membership period. Not only do you have access to a state of the art test facility and the expertise of the VOSC engineers; another benefit members gain is the Legislation and Approvals Bulletin - LAB; the comprehensive bi-monthly newsletter providing detailed updates on any amendments, planned changes or reviews of vehicle and vehicle component legislation or which you will be require conformance to certain regulations. Further details about the membership scheme can be found here.

Comprehensive information

As you will be aware from reading about the membership scheme we provide members with a bi-monthly newsletter in the form of the VOSC LAB. This bulletin is bursting with latest updates, amendments and changes to legislation for the automotive industry. The LAB covers a range of legislation topics traversing a multitude of marketplaces including automotive, passenger transport, mobility, kit car, campervan and leisure industries, just to name a few. Information shared within each edition provides an easy and convenient publication encompassing invaluable information to members with the various regulations discussed.

Specialist Expertise

With over 2 decades experience within the testing, engineering and transport industries, our specialist engineers are full of expert knowledge to assist you with any testing requirements, type approval services and/or specialist projects looking into a range of regulations and legislation.

Contact our engineers today to discuss any services we offer; testing or type approval projects, no matter where you are in the development of your project or to join our membership scheme or call 01902 287030.



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