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The VOSC LAB explained - what is it?

You keep seeing VOSC LAB all over our website and social media platforms but what exactly is the LAB and why is it important to our membership scheme?

Let us explain better...


What is the VOSC LAB?

The LAB is VOSC’s bi-monthly ‘Legislation & Approvals Bulletin’ and is one of the key benefits of the annual membership scheme.


What does the LAB cover?

The bi-monthly newsletter is full of comprehensive information regarding any latest updates, changes or new vehicle legislation that has been announced. We are dedicated to provide our members with a one stop go-to guide to find out all the latest notifications in an easier to read format pointing out the key information.

Articles that have previously been discussed include:

· New UK Type Approval Regulations Published

· Introduction to Vehicle Regulations

· Revised UN ECE Regulations for Light Components

· Proposed General Safety Regulation plus timetable of implementation

The bulletin even covers topics that could affect future vehicle legislation topics and has previously discussed the affects of a 'No deal Brexit could have on type approvals.


What else is included?

Each bulletin also includes a members‘ Q&A section where any enquiries or queries we have received that are not of a commercially sensitive nature are shared within the next edition, in order to help share knowledge amongst our members as no doubt if one individual is querying a matter, another will have the same or similar questions/thoughts.

We aim for the newsletters to provide a one-stop-shop of information keeping you up to date with the latest announcements to the vehicle regulations and legislation that may affect your company and/or services along with building a community between VOSC and its members.

So there you have it, the VOSC LAB explained in a simple, easy to read blog.

Why not take a sneak peak of the article topics covered in the August/September edition



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