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VOSC - What's it all about?

As a recent opened facility you may be thinking what is VOSC? What do they provide? What's a VOSC membership subscription? etc. So we've put together a quick blog post answering these very important introductory questions.


What is VOSC?

VOSC - Vehicle Occupant Safety Centre is an independent UK accredited automotive test facility providing the automotive industry with test services.


When did VOSC open?

VOSC opened its facility in the University of Wolverhampton's recently constructed Science Centre in April 2018.

Following the closure of Manchester Metropolitan University's specialist testing facility; STATUS, VOSC acquired the test rig and a multitude of specialist testing equipment in order to fulfill the gap in the market that arose when STATUS completed its testing & closed its centre.


What services does VOSC provide?

VOSC provides a whole host of services, not limited to the testing services available. From testing seat belt anchorages for a range of seating - including campervan rock and roll beds; VOSC can also complete testing on wheelchair restraint anchorages, ramp/lift, ISOFIX and PAS tests, all to their respective regulations.

VOSC also offers its members advice and consultancy on the latest industry and legislation news/updates in the form of the VOSC LAB (Legislations & Approvals Bulletin); a comprehensive bi-monthly newsletter. Homologation services is another service provided by VOSC.


What is the VOSC membership?

VOSC membership is an annual subscription to VOSC services offering companies a range of benefits including including the discussed bi-monthly newsletter, access to further advice and consultancy alongside discounted test rates. Further information can be found on the membership page.

If you have any specific enquiries about the membership or services available please send them directly to



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